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Science AF
Science AF
Dragon Man, Mars Mushrooms, Coelacanth Ages and th...

Fake Dr Ciaccio looks into the new classification of human species kno

Science AF
DinoSociology, Robo Evolution, Extreme Chromology

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) talks about new info on the social lives of

Science AF
Food Holograms, Self-Decapitating Slugs, Smog Diam...

Dr Ciaccio (not a doctor) looks into new evidence from New Zealand abo


The OMG, WTF and LMFAOASMP of Science!

Exploring the OMG, WTF and LMFAOASMP of Science! Actual (computer) scientist and (sometimes) comedy writer Dr. Dave Ciaccio (Not a Doctor) gets in depth and/or wildly tangential about scientific discoveries, stories, theories, truths and rumors, with guest comedians, scientists, correspondents or whomever decides to drop in!

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